MIG welding wire supplies

AristoRod MIG welding wires are featured in a catalog detailing welding supplies. Designed as a dependable, high-efficiency wire, AristoRod features an engineered surface for consistent, trouble-free feeding, low contact tip wear, quality arc start properties, low spatter, and stable arc. These properties translate into less downtime and better weld appearance with minimal post-weld cleaning, according to the manufacturer.

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SAB Welding & Cutting Products

Free framing idea book

The idea book, Made with 80/20 Stuff! is available. The pocket-size book has more than 40 application ideas that illustrate some of the solutions possible when building with T-slotted aluminum framing system. The book is free.

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80/20 Inc.

Threading tool product range expanded

As part of a continuing drive in its company’s threading technology effort, a 272-page Prototyp Threading Tools ANSI & DIN range catalog is available. It covers the company’s ANSI threading program and solid carbide thread mill range along with a selection of its most popular DIN items. The catalog has been restructured to provide users ease in selecting the right product. The Threading Tools ANSI & DIN Range catalog – part #5CP0003US – has more than 600 new items. The company has increased both its breadth and depth of offerings.

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Walter USA

Force-limited vibration sensors detailed

Three-component Dynamic Force Sensors is a brochure that highlights specific sensors and instrumentation for force-limited vibration testing; measuring input forces for modal analysis and structural testing; assessing biomechanical ability; monitoring cutting tool forces; studying machine and engine mounts for imbalance or noise; and recording impact forces during drop and crash testing. Three-component dynamic force sensors are offered in both ICP and charge output configurations for dynamic and quasi-static force measurement applications. Each uses an array of precision aligned, quartz sensing crystals.

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PCB Piezotronics

Blind threaded inserts, studs in catalog

A new 36-page catalog profiles the product line of Atlas blind-threaded inserts, studs, and installation tools. The Atlas Catalog presents an overview of the technology and capabilities and provides specifications for fastener types within the three Atlas product families. These include SpinTite blind-threaded inserts and studs, Plus+Tite blind-threaded inserts, and MaxTite blind-threaded inserts.

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Penn Engineering