Automatic Door System Saves Production Time

Midaco's Automatic Door Systems and Robot Access Doors are designed for vertical machining centers, turning centers, robotic applications and other machinery to save time in production.

Automatic Door Systems for Single and Double Door Machining and Turning Centers

MIDACO's Automatic Door Opener uses an air cylinder to operate the door by using either a Manual Push Button or the Automatic "Smart System" can be interfaced with the machine's or robot's control.

These systems are furnished with a door mounted safety stop that will quickly exhaust air if any obstruction is encountered during door closure, and the "Open Door" commands are ignored if spindle or chuck is running.

Robot Access Door for Any Enclosed Machine

MIDACO can design and install a side panel door on machining centers, VTL's, grinders and any enclosed machine. The MIDACO Robot Access Door System is operated by a pneumatic cylinder and is intended to be interfaced with the robot's cell by your integrator.

This system is available in a variety of sizes and can be custom designed to fit the side panel of the equipment.

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[Automatic Door System Saves Production Time]

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