Exclusive Agreement to Supply 3D Printed Parts to Formula 1 Racing

Smiths High Performance and Burloak Technologies have signed an exclusive agreement to supply additive manufactured parts in metals and polymers to the worldwide Formula 1 racing market.

The advances in additive manufacturing capabilities and the growing competitiveness of Formula 1 racing is an ideal point to bring this collaboration together to better serve the clients of SmithsHP.

Under this agreement, the companies will work together to apply design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) principles to the complex challenges of making lighter, stronger and optimally designed parts that improve overall performance. This will allow for design flexibility and modifications that were not available through traditional manufacturing processes.

"We are excited to partner with Burloak Technologies, a world leader in additive manufacturing. They will enable us to provide unique value to our customers through additive manufacturing," said Robert Kitchen, General Manager, SmithsHP. "We look forward to working with Burloak to develop parts and applications that will be at the forefront of Formula 1 racing for many years to come."

"We are pleased to have signed this agreement with SmithsHP, we believe this is the best channel to leverage and extend our leading capabilities in additive manufacturing into the world of Formula 1 racing," said Peter Adams, President and Co-founder of Burloak Technologies. "With SmithsHP's reputation and position in the market we are looking forward to the opportunity to apply additive manufacturing in innovative ways to solve real-time needs."

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[Exclusive Agreement to Supply 3D Printed Parts to Formula 1 Racing]

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