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New Smart Spindle Monitors Cutting Processes in Real Time to Optimize Tool Life

Absolute Machine Tools partner PCI SCEMM (a Tongtai company) recently introduced the e-SPINDLE at EMO 2019, a new electro-spindle that integrates sensors and actuators to monitor cutting processes and adjust parameters to optimize tool life and workpiece quality.

At the show, PCI presented three e-SPINDLE applications that showcased smart machining technology. One toolholder demonstration highlighted real-time monitoring of cutting process variables including force, vibration, and coolant pressure. An adaptive drilling application illustrated the benefits of ongoing vibration control. And a honing toolholder operation featured integrated measurement of workpiece diameter to permit continual control of abrasive honing tooling.

PCI developed e-SPINDLE technology in France in collaboration with the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry (Cetim) and the Aix-en-Provence campus of the French Arts et Métiers engineering and research graduate school.

Absolute Machine Tools president Steve Ortner said, "e-SPINDLE technology from PCI is another way Absolute Machine Tools enables its customers to participate fully in smart manufacturing, the IIoT, and Industry 4.0."

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Absolute Machine Tools/PCI Scemm

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