New Plug and Play 5-Axis CNC Features Integrated 6-Axis Robot

SW has introduced new automated, multi-spindle, 5-axis CNC machine centers featuring an integrated 6-axis Fanuc robot for loading and unloading, plus vertical pallet storage for blanks and finished parts -- a complete plug and play solution.

SW's plug and play automation solution is available in their BA 2-series or 3-series machines which have two high-speed spindles, a two-table pallet changer, and a modularly expandable tool magazine that can hold up to 120 tools.

The 6-axis robot is mounted overhead for increased freedom of motion and the pallet storage unit is set off to the side of the machine allowing for manual loading and unloading if necessary.

These machines are offered in either linear drive or ball screw to accommodate nearly all materials and all mechanical connections -- including coolant return, chip conveyor, and electrical installation.

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