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New Desktop CNC Mill Reduces Runtime by 75% While Significantly Improving Small Tool Life

Pocket NC has released the V2-50, a 5-axis desktop CNC milling machine with a 50,000 RPM high speed spindle. The V2-50 is available this month.

The V2-50 sports a precision ground Japanese spindle, hybrid ceramic bearings and Swiss electronics to achieve material removal rates unmatched by standard milling equipment.

The V2-50 is ideal for users with requirements of fast material removal rate, excellent surface finish and cutting with small tools (1/8" diameter or less).

The company has partnered with DATRON, a German manufacturer of world class vertical and horizontal machining centers, in an effort to provide tooling that compliments the incredible speed provided by the NSK spindle.

The V2-50 has been tested on G5 titanium, 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless, acetal and machinable wax.

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