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First Robot Gripper Designed for Small Part Handling and Measuring

New Scale Robotics' NSR-PG is an easy-to-use, plug-and-produce gripper solution for collaborative robots. It is agile enough to handle many different tasks involving small part gripping, measurement, sorting and assembly. The NSR-PG makes your Universal Robot a powerful tool for metrology.

It installs in minutes using the UR robot output flange, tool I/O port, and URCaps plug-in on the teach pendant. Your production team can minimize set-up time and make quick changes on the factory floor.

To install the gripper, simply mount it to your UR robot tool flange and connect the single cable to the UR tool I/O port. Power and digital commands are received through the robot 8-pin tool I/O interface. No external wires or separate electronics are needed. This allows for full 360-degree or infinite rotation of the UR robot wrist joint without cable interference.

Use the NSR-PG for automated gauging and measurement of small parts. The internal high-resolution position sensor provides absolute position of the fingers with resolution of 10 µm. This position information is continuously available to the software, enabling decision-making in automation scripts. It allows you to automate repetitive, labor-intensive measurement and quality control tasks.

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