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New Helical Milling Cutter Removes 20 Cubic Inches/Minute of Titanium with One Hour Cutting Edge Tool Life

During a recent test, Kennametal's new HARVI™ Ultra 8X helical milling cutter plowed through titanium for nearly three minutes straight without flinching. The cutter used a 95 mm (3.74 in.) axial depth of cut, 200 mm (0.78 in.) radially, and a feedrate of 423 mm/min (16.65 ipm).

The bolt taper flange cutter with a KM4X adaptor provides unmatched stability.



Tim Marshall, senior global product manager for indexable milling, has tested the HARVI Ultra 8X with a variety of customers, pushing the limits of the new cutter on everything from 15-5 PH to cast iron to Aermet 100 (high strength steel) and seeing outstanding results with each.

"Kennametal developed the HARVI Ultra 8X to meet two distinct needs," Marshall says. "The first came from the aerospace industry, which thanks to the large numbers of aircraft being built today, requires the highest metal removal rates possible but still achieving excellent tool life. At the same time, machine tool builders and users alike are asking for tools able to withstand higher cutting speeds but generate lower machining forces, so as to reduce wear and tear on machine components during extreme cutting conditions. The new HARVI Ultra 8X does all that, and a lot more."

Inserts with 8 cutting edges in a helical milling cutter. Insert sizes with IC10 and IC12 mm, 8 different corner radii available.



Massive piles of chips notwithstanding, your plant almost certainly wants its tools to stay in the cut far longer than three minutes. Marshall agrees, saying the HARVI Ultra 8X was designed to predictably remove 20 cubic inches (328 cm³) of Ti-6Al-4V each minute while attaining 60 minutes of tool life per cutting edge. To do this, Kennametal combined a number of innovative technologies in this highly engineered cutting tool solution:

This last point is particularly important. A variable helix geometry greatly reduces carbide-killing vibration. Using 12 mm and 10 mm inserts also helps, as their smaller size means more inserts in the cutter body, more inserts engaged in the workpiece, and more inserts to absorb the pounding of a heavy machining operation.

Whether pocketing or profiling, the HARVI Ultra 8X consistently removes up to 20 cubic inches of titanium per minute, with tool life of one hour or more.



Yet the HARVI Ultra 8X has even more tricks up its sleeve. Precision through-the-tool coolant nozzles direct cutting fluid where it's needed most. An enhanced flute design assures maximum chip evacuation. Oversize M4 Torx Plus screws for greater insert stability. The option with a KM4X adaptor brings greater toolholding stability. Specially-prepared insert edges optimized for the KCSM40 grade greatly extend tool life. Corner radii from 0.8mm to 6.4mm, in both inch and metric, means there's little you can't machine.

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