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Quick Changer -- Industry's Lightest, Most Compact Robotics Tool Changer

OnRobot has launched a unique new patented tool changer for collaborative applications developed by Purple Robotics, recently acquired by OnRobot.

Weighing only 200 g (7 oz.), the Quick Changer has a low impact on robot payload. Its compact size also adds minimal distance from the tool center point (TCP) to the robot, which minimizes stress on robot joints. The Quick Changer releases end-of-arm tools with just a click and inserted tools are automatically positioned correctly with a repeatability of ±0.02 mm. The Quick Changer can be used on any robot arm, drone, or other equipment with an ISO-9409-1 flange.

"You no longer need to use heavy and clumsy tool changers with spiky handles and sharp plates sticking out," says Lasse Kieffer, former CEO of Purple Robotics and now part of Research and Development Department at OnRobot. "Quick Changer enables humans and cobots to work closely together in a safe and reliable manner."

OnRobot CEO Enrico Krog Iversen sees the Quick Changer as part of the company's continued commitment to innovation around collaborative robotics. "Like our other End-of-Arm Tooling products, the Quick Changer is fully collaborative, meaning that it is simple to use and has no sharp edges."

Partners Line Up to Represent Innovative Tools

The new tool changer will be carried by a wide network of global distributors eager to present the product to manufacturers.

"The height and weight of this tool changer are the lowest I have ever seen," says Henrik Christensen, Product Manager with OnRobot distributor Bila Robotics in Denmark. "No matter what kind of tooling is installed on the robot, the quick changer is not in the way. This is a product that should be sold with all robots."

Silas Robertson, VP of Sales and Marketing with OnRobot's U.S. distributor Olympus Controls, stresses the importance of improved changeover time. "The Quick Changer lets us push one button to change the end effectors on our robots. It means never having to find that missing wrench to install the next robot end effector."

Quick Changer features:

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