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New Live and Static Tools for Automatic Lathes Introduced at IMTS

Heimatec, soon to be known as Platinum Tooling, announced the availability of its Citizen tool program at IMTS 2018.

Made especially for longitudinal turning lathes and optimized to the required machine parameters, users can now use the tools for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Originally developed for the manufacture of precision parts in the watch industry, longitudinal turning lathes are now found on machines that manufacture automotive components, screws and pins for the medical industry or precision parts for electrical engineering.

Given the many uses of turning lathes, Heimatec created a wide range of both static and driven tools. During its development, an optimal adjustment to the machine parameters, as well as a precise design for the machine parameters was carried out.

The purpose of this development was to construct a coherent and continuous tool system based on the improved Heimatec technology. The result is a program of processing instruments with long service life and the highest processing quality. To achieve this, Heimatec relies on the superior spindle bearing technology and ground gear components. Furthermore, Heimatec's housings and spindles have maximum stiffness.

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