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CAD/CAM Software Offers New Options for Machining 3D Fillets; Generates Efficient Tool Paths for Sphere Mill Finishing

CAD-CAM software from Vectorcam offers new options in the 3D Milling module to simplify and speed up manufacturing in tool, pattern and mold construction.

The module provides new functions for the machining of 3D fillets and can generate efficient tool paths for finishing with a sphere mill. The machining occurs with one or more finishing cuts along the 3D rounding.

According to the German company, the new function Flatlands enables the fast machining of automatically identified flat areas of a 3D model. The dimension of the model is variably adjustable. The machining can be adaptive (HSC), contour-parallel or with x-parallel cuts.

Further additions have been made for X-parallel finishing, which is now equipped with options such as adaptive step-over, cusp height, and the automatic addition of perpendicular finishing cuts.

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