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Hybrid Metal 3D Printer Offers 35 cc/h Sintering Capacity and Fully Automatic Powder Supply System

Matsuura is introducing a hybrid system for additive production in its fifth generation -- the Lumex Avance-25. The company says the laser sintering machine has not only changed externally, but has also been optimized in terms of its features.

The completely re-engineered hybrid metal 3D printer features an enhanced powder distribution speed along with optimized control and sintering capabilities to shorten the sintering time.

Depending on the material and shape, the manufacturers specify a 14 cc/h sintering capacity, or double the previous figure. Moreover, when equipped with a large-capacity 1 kW fiber laser system, the capacity can be increased to 35 cc/h.

Matsuura further points out that the milling time can be reduced by up to 75 percent thanks to a higher cutting feed rate and through the support for larger-diameter tools.

The optional, fully automatic powder supply, collection and reuse system enables automatic metal powder supply and collection without any operator contact with the powder.

The capabilities of the CAM software have also been also upgraded. By upgrading both machine and software at the same time, the company is convinced that the machine has become easier to use and that this will contribute to the expansion of the metal 3D printer market.

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