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New Rideable Material Lift Allows a Person to Ride with the Cargo

Material handling equipment and safety products manufacturer, Wildeck, Inc., has introduced a new product category for vertical material lifts. The new "RML" product category is a major advancement over a traditional "VRC" (vertical reciprocating conveyor) since it allows authorized personnel to safely travel with their material between levels.

Wildeck will introduce its new "RiderLift™" hydraulically-operated rideable material lift (RML) at ProMat 2017.

"Wildeck's new RiderLift™ Type B Rideable Material Lift (RML) is a breakthrough new product and is in a class by itself," stated Hubert Schlegel, Director of Marketing for Wildeck. "Customers can now enjoy the convenience of an elevator at a fraction of the cost. The RiderLift™ RML is ideally suited for industrial applications and, unlike a VRC (vertical reciprocating conveyor), the RiderLift™ has been designed to allow an authorized person to ride with their cargo to a second level and avoid having to climb stairs or rely on a co-worker to off-load material when the lift reaches its destination."

Standard car size is 6.0 ft. x 6.0 ft. x 80" H, and lifting capacity is 2,500 lbs., including rider. Standard top lifting height is 14 ft. (GND + 1) and lifting speed is 20 fpm. The RiderLift™ material lift is available in either "C" or "Z" loading patterns and features a keyed "enable" switch inside the car to ensure use only by authorized personnel. The RiderLift™ RML meets ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 code requirements. Qualified Elevator Contractors will install and service the lift and provide the end user with ongoing State-approved safety inspections and lift Certification, as required by the A17.1 code.

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