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6 New Vises Designed for 5 Axis and Production Workholding

Kurt's new MaxLock™ HP Series of self-centering vises feature maximum 5-axis workholding rigidity. They combat jaw deflection and part lift with AngLock® design and a new patented lift control system.

Providing ±0.0005 inch repeatability, they have a center line that easily adjusts to the center of the table rotation. Clamping can be achieved for both O.D. and I.D. within the vise. Three sizes are available: 5, 7, and 9-inch long models and each is available with either serrated jaws or dovetail jaws.

The Kurt DTR DoveLock™ dovetail 5-axis vise line is expanded with 2 new reverse models that allow for a wider range of dovetail workpiece widths. The DoveLock dovetail holding feature requires only 1/8-inch of material height to hold the part.

The dovetail feature simplifies work-piece material preparation so that no machined jaws are necessary. DoveLock provides up to 4,000 lbs. of precision clamping force, holding parts without distorting the work-piece while providing easy access to 5 sides of the work-piece. All DoveLock 5 axis vises are manufactured from high quality 4140 pre-hardened steel.

The Kurt DX6™ CrossOver™ vise is designed for precision requirements of CNC production to toolroom applications. DX6™ is interchangeable with Kurt's popular D688 vise with the same bed height and distance from keyway to stationary jaw. It combines multiple design features including the AngLock® and Pull-Type features combined with a new 4-bolt stationary jaw creating an ultra-unique strategy for a better vise.

The DX6™ CrossOver™ vise features a full 9-inch jaw opening within the inside jaw position. A lighter and narrower vise body with a footprint of 7.39-inch wide x 16.810-inch long allows more vises on the machine table. The 80,000 PSI ductile iron vise body also provides chip evacuation straight through the body at sides and end of vise to prevent chip build-up.

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