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New EcoFilter Conveyor Features Innovative 2-Stage Chip Removal and Coolant Filtration Design

The EcoFilter® is a compact and cost effective new product solution from Jorgensen.

The EcoFilter offers primary chip removal from the first stage hinged steel belt conveyor, and secondary filtering of coolant with fines through the filter cells installed between the runs of the hinged steel belt. Standard filtration offering is 250 microns nominal. Other filtration ratings are available. The EcoFilter® unit fits in essentially the same envelope in any given machine as all traditionally-offered conveyors from Jorgensen.

The EcoFilter® - Ready Conveyor is a standard hinged steel belt conveyor, and it fits the same envelope in any given machine model as all traditionally-offered conveyors from Jorgensen. If the customer buys this conveyor with their new machine and finds that too many chips are migrating past the conveyor into the tank causing excessive maintenance of chip baskets, screens and general tank cleaning, they can easily convert this conveyor into an EcoFilter® in the field with a field retrofit kit.

The EcoFilter® Field Retrofit Kit. If the customer starts by buying the standard EcoFilter® Ready conveyor, and after some time in operation they determine that they suffer from an unacceptable level of chip migration to the coolant tank, they can buy this economical and easy-to-install field retrofit kit and convert their conveyor into a fully-functional EcoFilter® in less than a day.

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