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Laser Marking System Allows Loading/Unloading While Other Parts are Marked

Coldwater Machine Company, an engineering solutions company that manufactures and integrates assembly automation and special machines for the automotive, appliance, energy and aerospace industries, has announced the availability of its multi-position, servo-rotary index laser marking systems, enabling the operator to load/unload completed parts while others are being marked. These systems are well-suited for a diverse range of industrial parts marking applications.

Coldwater's laser marking systems provide both high productivity and safety, featuring a single swipe "cycle start" with integrated safety light curtains during indexing to ensure a high level of operator protection. All laser components and controls are self-contained in a durable, Class 1 enclosure.

Featuring a workstation that utilizes a robust, high-quality cycle servo-rotary indexer, the systems provide years of trouble-free operation.

Flexible Design

The systems can be designed as a stand-alone cell or integrated into existing manufacturing processes to work with robots, conveyors and inspection stations. They accommodate a wide variety of laser markers, plus custom fixtures can be engineered for any part marking application.

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