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All New Class of End Mills Enables Over 80% Faster Machining Cycles

Emuge Corp. has introduced "circle-segment" cutters, an innovative class of end mills designed to enable substantially more material removal with fewer passes in 5-Axis machining, over 80 percent cycle time reductions and up to 50 percent smoother surface finishes. Circle-segment tools are a totally new end mill design, exclusive to Emuge.

These high-performance tools, ideal for machining turbine blades, impellers, blisks and in mold making applications, feature unique forms with large radii in the cutting area of the mills, allowing a larger axial depth of cut during pre-finishing and finishing operations.

Emuge circle-segment solid-carbide end mills are offered in four geometries: barrel-shaped, oval form, taper form and lens shape. Oval and taper form mills are ideal for curved shapes such as blades or straight-walled pockets, freely engaging more of the cutting edge. Barrel design mills provide highly effective flank milling to the sides of spiral grooves and similar applications, while lens shape mills excel in narrow channels or in lands on molds.

Specific CAM system software, such as HyperMill (Open Mind) or Mastercam® Version 2017 is required to support and compute the geometries of Emuge circle-segment end mills to achieve the performance levels the tools were designed for.

"Our all-new circle-segment end mills, only available from Emuge, provide unprecedented levels of machining performance in complex 5-axis applications, allowing precision manufacturers to attain dramatic time and cost savings, while increasing part quality," said Mr. Bob Hellinger, President of Emuge Corp.

Emuge circle-segment end mills are offered standard, and are in stock at Emuge Corp. North American headquarters.

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