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3D Laser Scanning Helps Cincinnati Artist Produce Brass Statues for Reds' Legends

Cincinnati, Ohio is home to a rich baseball tradition and one young sculptor has combined his creativity with a new, high-performance image scanning technology to create statues for Great American Ballpark, home to the Cincinnati Reds.

Artist Tom Tsuchiya measures baseball great Pete Rose to create his model, which is then scanned by Exact Metrology's 3D laser technology to produce the point cloud file used by the foundry to cast the larger-than-life statue for Great American Ballpark.





In preparing the statues, artist Tom Tsuchiya starts with an approximately 18" high ceramic model. He then supplies the model to the technicians at Exact Metrology's Cincinnati facility. Exact is a leading supplier of 3D and CT imaging equipment. They also perform scanning services for numerous manufacturing industries, as well as a diverse assortment of civil engineering, fine arts, commercial and other concerns.

The scan of the model is prepared as a high-density electronic file with over a million points of information per second captured on the geometry of the proposed statue. This file is then posted in the cloud and downloaded by a local foundry. The foundry takes the point data and prepares a mold for the statues, which often measure up to 8' in height.

Artist Tom Tsuchiya with Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famers Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, and Johnny Bench.



The brass is poured to produce a statue, then meticulously sculpted by Tom Tsuchiya into his final creation. The statues and plaques made for Reds Hall of Famers Tony Perez, Johnny Bench and others evoked some strong emotions and memories.

Co-Presidents at Exact, Steve Young and Dean Solberg, are big sports fans, so this project was truly a labor of love. As Young, supervisor of the Cincinnati facility, explains, "We didn't see a dry eye at the celebration for Tony Perez, a true gentleman and one of the brightest stars in a very crowded sky, that day." Joining Perez for this momentous occasion were fellow teammates Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and other members from the famous "Big Red Machine" of the 1970's.

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