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Quick-Swap Fixture System Reduces Waste and Downtime

Wenzel America, (Wixom, Michigan), will now include the Inspection Arsenal™ Quick-Swap fixture systems product line from Phillips Precision as a complement to their customer-focused metrology solutions -- CMM's, 4-axis gear inspection machines, high speed optical scanners, and more.

Inspection Arsenal™ puts a unique perspective on how products can assist a company to implement and sustain Lean. Recommended by Lean Practitioners, the quick-swap fixture plates and spring-action clamps help to reduce the time taken for the non-value-added service of inspection -- in an economical way.

The method that Inspection Arsenal™ introduces helps to reduce some of the most expensive waste that affect profits -- defective parts, excess motion, over production, and too much waiting for talented people and expensive spindles. The interlocking design allows companies to standardize across all inspection equipment.

The industry-changing solution that Phillips Precision offers through the LEAN design of Inspection Arsenal™ significantly improves the inspection process for small job shops to very large aerospace, automotive and medical manufacturers. Phillips also supports customers by designing unique, custom fixtures.

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