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New 3-Axis Positioner Can Handle Heavy-Duty Workpieces Up to 153,000lbs.

PEMA APS 70000, the latest addition to the Skymaster family, makes its debut as being the first large-scale 3-axis positioner in the whole markets that has the capability to carry 70 metric tons (153,000 lbs.) in rotating, tilting or lifting position.

The design and technical features are based on the experiences from previous models and is specifically designed to fulfill even the most demanding requirements of thick wall workpieces.

PEMA APS 70000 technical advantages:

The PEMA APS Skymaster product family is specifically designed for complex workpieces and for cases where the pieces need to be tilted, rotated and lifted. With increased welding quality and working safety, APS positioners have proven to save valuable production time and add manufacturing capacity.

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