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Slimmed-Down Milling Chuck Offers Precise, Powerful Cutting with Ø1/2" End Mills

BIG KAISER has launched the HMCJ, a super-slim milling chuck with peripheral coolant supply, designed to support heavy-duty and finish end milling tasks with power and precision using Ø1/2" or Ø12mm cutters.

The newest, slimmer member of the Hi-Power Milling Chuck (HMC) family features a clamping bore with fine slots surrounded by hundreds of needle bearings, which ensures concentric, precise and smooth clamping when the nut is tightened. The HMCJ applies the highest gripping force to the cutting tool shank of any comparable milling chuck in its class, and five to six times greater compared to collet chucks.

The slim yet rigid design of this new chuck brings the nut diameter down to an impressive 1.260" (32mm), the smallest in its class. This was achieved while maintaining an uncompromising and substantial cross section of .394" (10mm) to prevent chatter and deliver cutting security. The max jet-through coolant pressure is 70 bar.

Despite being designed for heavy cutting, the HMCJ milling chuck is able to maintain a runout accuracy of ten microns at 4xD, giving it additional flexibility for use on finishing applications. For additional rigidity and accuracy, the CAT and BT interfaces are BIG-PLUS® as standard, however, a BIG-PLUS® spindle is not necessary to achieve the excellent performance of this chuck. A Ø32mm straight shank design is also available.

It is also possible to use smaller diameter milling tools through the use of PJC Reduction Collets. The Ø.500" HMCJ can then accept Ø3/8" and Ø1/4" shanks, and the Ø12mm HMCJ can accept Ø10mm, Ø8mm and Ø6mm shanks.

"Our new HMCJ delivers a market-leading combination of power and precision," says Jack Burley, VP Sales & Engineering at BIG KAISER. "For heavy cutting and milling applications, it provides all the rigidity and accuracy needed."

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