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3-Part Vacuum System Designed to Remove Chips and Swarf from Machine Tools and Grinders

The VAC-U-MAX Stationary Metalworking Vacuum System is designed to convey metal swarf from grinders, or metal chips from machining centers, and discharge metal materials to briquetters, screw conveyors, drag conveyors, dumpsters, Gaylord boxes, fork-liftable hoppers, chip shredders and chip flumes.

The system consists of 3 components:

A typical application incorporating VAC-U-MAX's unique Tube Hopper Receiver includes the collection and depositing of chips onto existing below-floor mechanical chip conveyors.

The system is used to manually clean the inside of the machine tool and large parts that are being machined which have a lot of nooks and crannies for chips and coolant to build up inside. The Tube Hopper discharges the collected chips onto the mechanical chip conveyor which runs beneath the floor level.

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