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Latest Joining, Forming, and Surface Technologies Showcased at Lightweight Vehicle Summit

The Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Series returns to Detroit on 22nd & 23rd of February, to showcase the latest edition of the Lightweight Manufacturing specific conference -- The 4th Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit 2017.

Developed in close collaboration with an industry advisory board, consisting of Toyota, Ford & General Motors, the 4th Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit 2017 will feature a brand new agenda which will examine the latest joining, forming & surface treatment technologies and their applications for mixed material structures.

It features an expert speaker panel including Honda, Volvo, FCA, GM, Ford, Deer & Company and more, who will discuss the latest innovations in adhesives, additive manufacturing, machine learning, multi-material joining methods, corrosion mitigation techniques and more.

In addition, driven by updated EPA regulations, the event launches an exclusive new discussion area, focused on specific lightweighting technologies and manufacturing techniques for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, alongside a long-established passenger vehicles focus.

Here's a preview of the new features for 2017:

Trucks and Heavy Vehicles

To drive the development of lightweighting across all the US automotive industry, for the first time this year, they will introduce specific focus on Lightweighting for Medium & Heavy Duty trucks alongside passenger vehicles, in light of recent EPA regulatory changes.

Latest Aluminum Developments

This year's program will cover the whole spectrum of aluminum related technology developments, including aluminum castings, sheets & extrusions, joining with aluminum, corrosion mitigation, recycling, and more.

Manufacturing Technologies for Multi-Material Structures

Manufacturing experts will share their expertise and evaluate the pros and cons of each new technology to support practical application in manufacturing contexts.

Future Focus

They will consider what opportunities lie ahead through advanced processes and technologies for automotive lightweighting, including additive manufacturing, machine learning, plastic & composite technologies.

Corrosion Mitigation Challenges

To address your current challenges associated with corrosion mitigation for multi material combination, the program will focus on corrosion testing, prevention methods for mixed materials and management of corrosion & distortion issues.

Formability Considerations

Explore the formability of new material grades, forming techniques, formability modelling

Deep Dive Into Joining with Adhesives

In line with the industry's increased use of adhesives, deep dive sessions will enable you to evaluate their suitability, including failure mode analysis of adhesives in multi material structures, use of adhesives with different material combinations and more.

Key speakers include:

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