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U.S. Smart Manufacturing Plan Unveiled: $3 Trillion to Stimulate Construction of 3,000 New Factories

To achieve President-elect Trump's vision to make American manufacturing great again, John A. Bernaden, co-founder and past vice chairman of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, Inc., a Washington DC non-profit group, unveiled a bold $2 trillion to $3 trillion U.S. Manufacturing Stimulus Package with no cost to taxpayers.

His plan uses Fortune 500 corporate wealth currently stranded overseas that Congressional leaders also want to repatriate with an alternative plan to pay for improving the nation's roads and bridges via a new lower corporate tax rate.

Bernaden said other nations have long-term policies and long-range programs to more smartly support their manufacturers at home and abroad, pointing to a new "Policy Makers Guide to Smart Manufacturing" published last week by the Information Technology and Information Foundation, a Washington DC think-tank. That report provides a comprehensive summary of the long-term Smart Manufacturing policies and long-range programs established by other governments worldwide, most notably by China, Germany, Japan and Korea.

"Wall Street's short-sighted leadership of U.S. Manufacturing has created a crisis!" Bernaden said. "They reap; but they do not sow. They restructure to take billions; but they do not reinvest to make trillions. They destroy industries; but they do not build new ones."

Past bipartisan 20th Century U.S. industrial policies and Congressional programs have been complacent in creating this crisis, he continued.

"We need new leadership to create and construct a new era of revolutionary, highly-automated, IT-driven, super-productive, 21st Century Smart Manufacturing with a long-term vision to make America's manufacturing great again," Bernaden said.

"As a leader who values building things, President-elect Trump will soon have an opportunity to smartly lead our nation's Manufacturing, to renovate the world's oldest factories, as well as to start a construction wave of 2,000 to 3,000 smart new factories and plants in every State across America," he concludes.

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