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Dual Column, Large Capacity Band Saws Perfect for Semi-Automatic Metal Cutting That Doesn't Require Indexing

DoALL® has added two larger capacity dual column, semi-automatic band saws to its Continental Series™ product line.

The DoALL DC-1100SA offers semi-automatic capacities on rectangles at 43.3" x 43.3" (1,100 x 1,100 mm) and the DC-1700SA boasts a rectangle capacity of 67" x 51.2" (1,700 x 1,300 mm).

Both the DoALL DC-1100SA and DC-1700SA high production, dual column, semi-automatic horizontal band saws are the perfect choice if you need a high production band saw but have operations that do not require indexing or automatic cutting cycles.

The proven feed system from DoALL increases blade life and cutting accuracy as the operator is not manually pressuring or overloading the saw blade during the cut.

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