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New Milling Cutters Ideal for Machining Turbine Blades or High-Feed Applications

The KOMET GROUP offers a wide range of high-performance milling cutters. Alongside the well-established Quatron hi.feed, hi.aeQ, and hi.apQ milling cutter lines, six more indexable insert milling cutter systems (four single-sided and two double-sided indexable inserts) are now available and in stock.

Some examples: The new KOMET® milling cutters include the KOMET® Q55-KCM copy miller that is particularly suitable for machining turbine blades, but can also be used universally.

The 45° KOMET® Q63-KFM face milling cutter is also part of the new product range. It is designed for face-milling operations with a cutting depth of up to 6.5 mm and a tooth feed of up to 0.5 mm.

The KOMET® Q56-KHF face-milling cutter is a particularly efficient tool. It was designed for high-feed applications and achieves a very high chip volume per unit of time. Its angled cutting edge also achieves optimum surface quality.

The KOMET® Q43-KSM shoulder milling cutter produces shoulders that are step-free and are exactly 90° as a result of its soft-cutting geometry.

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