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New Full Grip Steel Jaws Ideal for Thin-Walled Parts

Dillon Manufacturing introduces full grip jaws made of 1018 CR steel from 6 inches to 15 inches in diameter, with heights of 2, 4, and 6 inches. These heat treatable and weldable steel jaws allow for complete gripping of the work piece -- to maintain repetitive accuracy.

This type of jaw reduces distortion and provides more friction for drive during turning operations. With close tolerances and concentricity easily maintained, they are ideal for applications such as valves, cylinders, specialty wheels and gears, housings and enclosures, adaptors and connectors, aluminum and steel shells, flanges, retainer rings, and other thin-walled parts such as automotive smog control air pump rotors, gas turbine parts, thin-wall tubing and cylinder liners for diesel engines and more.

Dillon full grip steel top jaws typically ship within 1 week (maximum) from order. In addition to 1018 CR steel, other materials are available upon request. All Dillon jaws and related products are Made in the USA.

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