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New Quill Spindle HMC Produces Large, High-Precision Bores -- Ideal for Energy Applications

The newest addition to Mitsui Seiki's heavy-duty series of HU100 horizontal machining centers is engineered for precision boring of large parts in energy-related industries as well as other critical applications.

The quill spindle configuration of the new HU100 Quill Spindle is well suited for boring of oil and gas field valves and fittings in addition to other fluid-transfer components. The 4.4" (110 mm)-dia. quill has a W-axis stroke of 12" (300mm) and produces hole pitch accuracy within 1.5 µm and hexagon angle error within 0.002°.

The machine features X-Y axis stroke of 40" (1,000 mm) and Z stroke of 52" (1,300 mm) standard, and a 40" X 40" (1,000 mm x 1,000 mm) table that can handle a 6,600 lb (3,000 kg) maximum work load. The work envelope has capacity for workpieces up to 60" (1,500 mm) in diameter. As with the entire line of HU100 machining centers, a variety of increased strokes and weight capacities are available to suit the customer's application. Rigidity, squareness and parallelism of the machine's construction result in guaranteed positioning accuracy of 3µm (± 0.0001").

With maximum/continuous power of 47 hp (25kW)/29 hp (22 kW) and maximum/continuous torque of 873 lb-ft (1184 nm)/737 lb-ft (1,000 nm), the machine spindle offers speeds from 15-3,000 rpm. A standard 60-tool capacity automatic tool changer adds flexibility and extends machine uptime.

Mitsui Seiki (U.S.A.) Inc. vice president Tom Dolan said, "The HU100 Quill Spindle HMC, with its ability to achieve extremely accurate boring for large, complex parts, is a further example of Mitsui Seiki's ability to offer manufacturers of high-end energy-related parts a full spectrum of milling and boring solutions."

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