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Unique Line of End Mill Holders Offers Dramatically Reduced Runout and Twice the Tool Life

Briney Tooling Systems' unique line of 'Tru Position™' End Mill Holders offers a dramatically reduced total indicator runout (T.I.R) of 0.0002".

The Tru Position End Mill Holders utilize a custom-engineered internal eccentric grinding technique developed by Briney that produces the reduced runout capability. Advantages of the Tru Position toolholder include: less runout for a more even chip load with less chatter, fewer tool passes to mill slots because of improved on-center rotation, machining time savings and improved machining quality.

Testing and production proven applications show Tru Position toolholders to have twice the cutting tool life of other conventional end mill holders, reducing cutting tool replacement costs by half.

Briney will feature this line of end mill holders at the 2015 Westec Show in Los Angeles September 15-17 and at the 2015 SOUTH-TEC Show in Charlotte, NC, October 27-29.

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