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World's First Green Laser-Line CMM Scanner Dramatically Extends the Range of Materials That Can Be Laser-Scanned

With the fast-growing application of 3D laser scanning for reverse engineering, production-part dimensional inspection, and as a compliment to 3D printing, Perceptron has introduced the world's first green laser-line metrology scanner.

Highly reflective materials such as machined aluminum and carbon fiber composites have always been a challenge for laser scanners, requiring part spraying with a powder coat, which severely inhibits its practical use on repetitive production parts.

The new generation of ScanR CMM Laser Scanner represents a technological breakthrough solving many of the age-old application problems associated with laser scanning and provides the following enhanced performances:

ScanR is seamlessly integrated into Perceptron's TouchDMIS™ metrology software, offering a simple one-touch scanning interface and allowing initial user set-up using tactile-probe with subsequent sharing of the generated part coordinate system.

Feature extraction from the generated point cloud allows automatic inspection of part features against nominal feature definitions selected from CAD. Production parts can be programmed to be inspected automatically with scanning zone and parameters adjusted per feature for data acquisition and cycle time optimization.

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