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New CNC Hardware & Software Solution For Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cutting

OPENCut is the latest CNC hardware/software solution for plasma, oxy-fuel, OSAI USA. Designed to optimize startup, productivity and cutting quality, this system comes complete with all elements needed for plasma 2D, bevel and oxy-fuel cutting.

The OPENCut system is a complete modular solution customizable according to an original equipment manufacturer's needs. The system modules are from OPENCut and are specifically designed for the OPEN control OSAI CNC, up to the multi-touch operator panel, drives and I/O systems controlled via EtherCAT fieldbus. The plasma generator system is available in 120, 250 and 420 amp sizes equipped with automatic gas console.

The OPENCut, HMI and CAM software with 2D and 3D graphics for profile definition, has pre-defined icon libraries and automatic nesting of different profiles. Utilizing advanced software modules and hardware components, OPENCut simplifies installation, startup and time to market, reports OSAI.

Included in the system package are: graphic, multi-touch SW oriented HMI with 2D and 3D graphics for program execution control, easy-to-customize machine logic specifically designed for plasma/oxy fuel, offset management compensation of bevel cutting parameters, 3D cutting head control, newest version CNC OPENcontrol, drives connected via EtherCAT or proprietary fieldbuses, mutli-tool drilling/milling heads management and many more.

OSAI has organized OPENCut into modular units according to user requirements from 2D to bevel application:

"OPENCut is simple, ergonomic and touch-screen oriented," reports Ivica Simunic, national Sales Manager for OSAI USA "It's a user-friendly solution with graphic interface including nesting and graphic work lists. Minimal training ensures fast startup and maximum productivity."

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