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New Diamond Wheel Brushes Can Help Increase Tool Life By 200%

Brush Research has introduced new NamPower diamond wheel brushes for polishing and producing edge radii on hard materials including diamond, CBN, ceramic, carbide, and hardened tool steel.

Diamond filament extends brushing technology to enable improvement of hard coatings like plasma sprayed and nitride coated surfaces. The ideal solution for polishing the flute relief on carbide and high speed steel drills, end mills and reamers and producing an edge radius on carbide inserts.

Their unique composite hub construction creates brushes that have a much denser and more uniform fill pattern putting more cutting points at the point of attack. The new diamond filament wheel brushes are available in three diameters: 100mm (4 inches), 150mm (6 inches) and 200mm (8 inches). The 150mm and 200mm diameters come in either 10mm or 15mm face thickness. The 100mm wheel is available in either a 5mm or 10mm face width to accommodate a variety of flute relief sizes. The black diamond filament comes standard in 600 mesh which has proven to provide the perfect combination of cutting power and ultra smooth final finish.

Proper edge prep and polishing of flutes on a cutting tool can increase tool life by 200% or more. Micro burrs that form along the edge of the cutting tool create a stress point and potential for further fracture and chipping which will ultimately decrease tool life. Utilizing proper finishing techniques with the NamPower diamond wheel brushes on Carbide and Tool Steel will reduce the overall potential for chipping and fracture by creating a uniform radius along the edge of the cutting tool.

Additionally, the NamPower diamond wheel brushes can be used to polish the flute relief on drills, end mills and reamers to reduce chip loading which results in extended tool life by reducing heat and friction. Controlling the edge radius and polishing flute reliefs will produce a more consistent machining operation and help reduce variation in tool life and tool performance.

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