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New 5-Axis Grinder Brings Flexibility and Precision to High-Volume Production

United Grinding has introduced its Walter Helitronic Mini Automation. The 5-axis universal tool grinding machine brings maximum flexibility and precision to the high-volume production of rotationally symmetrical tools and production components.

The machine's double-ended spindle can accommodate up to three grinding wheels per end to process end mills, drills, step drills, step tools, woodworking tools, profile blades and profile tools from 0.04" (1mm) to 0.63" (16mm) in diameter. Maximum tool length is 7.3" (185mm), with a minimum diameter of 0.04" (1mm) for production blanks and 0.12" (3mm) for regrinding. Tool materials can include carbide, HSS, ceramic, cermet or CBN.

A Fanuc control and Helitronic Tool Studio software combine to operate five CNC axes including linear X, Y, and Z ball screw axes, an A-axis with a torque motor, and a rotational C-axis with a worm drive. The machine's continuously variable grinding spindle drive features a 12-hp (9-kW) motor.

Engineered for high-production volumes, the machine has a robot loader that can handle up to 1,500 tools. An optional extension for a robot loader can hold four additional pallets for up to 2,000 tools, providing a total production capacity of 3,500 tools.

Positioning via glass scales, the machine's solid gray-cast-iron base, and gantry-type construction ensure accuracy and consistency over long production runs.

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