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Revolutionary, Low-Cost Alternative to Acid-Based Pickling

For years, companies have searched for alternatives to acid based pickling without success. Now, these companies have a choice.

EPS is a revolutionary low cost pickling process that eliminates the need for acids or harsh chemicals. The process is environmentally friendly and produces a scale free, clean, rust resistant surface without the use of hazardous chemicals normally associated with pickling steel.

As opposed to acid pickling, EPS is a mechanical process that uses angular steel grit and water, both of which are re-circulated for continuous reuse.

Since EPS is rust resistant, it does not require a protective film of oil to keep it from rusting as is the case with acid pickled material. As a result, oil does not have to be removed prior to painting. In addition, the EPS process actually creates a new surface as it removes mill scale. This new surface mitigates some other unwanted features such as pitting, rust scars, silicon streaks, and pickling stains frequently found on pickled and oiled material.

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