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New Line of Square Shoulder Mills Ideal for Heavy Cuts in Difficult Materials

Seco Tools, LLC recently introduced a new line of R220.LN14 square shoulder mills that reduce costs and improve performance in demanding applications that require large depths of cut.

R220.LN14 square shoulder mills provide four cutting edges with a 14 mm (0.551") cutting edge length to reduce cost per edge. Negative rake, 7 mm (0.28") thick inserts provide the robustness needed for heavy cuts in difficult materials, long-reach applications and less stable setups. With geometry similar to Seco's highly successful Square 6™, the tools are also very free cutting.

The standard tools are able to take depths of cut up to 14 mm (0.551"), while the helical versions are offered in cutting edge lengths for both contouring and slotting applications. R220.LN14 cutters are an excellent choice for medium- to heavy-duty applications requiring a 90-degree wall.

Inserts are available in six grades: MS2500, a CVD coated, highly wear-resistant and tough grade for machining superalloy materials and high-carbon steels; 420470, which provides toughness greater than MS2500; 150060, which is very similar to Seco's F40M; and 029060, an alternative to the company's MK1500 with a PVD coating; MP2500, which is a medium steel CVD Duratomic® grade; and MK1500, which is a cast iron CVD Duratomic grade.

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