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Advanced Pallet Pool System Ideal for Shops with Limited Floor Space

Okuma's pallet pools are flexible manufacturing systems that connect to a select group of Okuma machining centers and 5-axis machines to enable automatic part handling and pallet changes.

They are retrofittable and offer flexibility in 4 to 12 pallet options that can be arranged in a linear (in line with Z axis) or transverse (in line with X axis) style depending on production needs. The compact construction and single level storage system allow for automated machining in small spaces.

Each pallet pool comes standard with one load station that can be manually rotated around its vertical axis and locked at 90 degree intervals. This flexible manufacturing system displays virtually all required information at the operator load station, eliminating frequent trips to the machine.

The Okuma Pallet Pool Control (PPC) is fully integrated with the THINC®-OSP control providing "One Source" features to the end user. This allows for error free operation by eliminating third party interface problems.

Standard features of Pallet Pool Control include:

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