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Breakthrough Precision Circular Saw Designed for Cutting Carbon Steels and Mild Alloys

LENOX®, a manufacturer of premium saw blades and band saws, is entering the industrial precision circular saw market with the launch of the LENOX CircTech™ Precision platform.

LENOX used advanced cutting technology and state of the art equipment to develop the CircTech Precision platform to deliver the ultimate performance in Precision Circular Sawing. LENOX is debuting its first product within the platform, LENOX CircTech™ Precision CM, at IMTS 2014.

"LENOX has made a significant impact in the global band saw market and we're excited to be able to build on that presence within the precision circular sawing category," said Matt Lacroix, director of marketing, LENOX.

"In testing, our blades delivered on our end user's most critical needs for blade life, cutting speed, and finish. While band sawing will continue to thrive due to its versatility and capacity for larger parts, we anticipate that LENOX's precision circular sawing category will grow at an elevated rate due to our ability to help lower the total cost of operations for our customers."

The CircTech Precision platform features an advanced tensioning system that allows the blade to maintain excellent plate flatness and tight tolerances, delivering consistent performance and exceptional part finish.

The distinctive tooth design and innovative blade construction reduces vibration and stress risers, extending blade life and reducing the need for frequent changeovers. The blade's advanced tooth geometry provides smooth part finish and a thinner kerf, allowing for better material utilization and reduced scrap costs.

The first product available in the Precision program, the CircTech Precision CM is specifically designed for optimum performance when cutting low carbon steel and mild alloy steel solids. Built with a breakthrough manufacturing technique to produce crisp tooth edges and balanced grind angles, the blade's special grade cermet tips extend blade life by delivering exceptional heat and wear resistance. The blades are also designed with optimized chip breaking that efficiently removes chips for faster cutting.

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