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U-Axis System Enables Machining of Complex Contours While Reducing Production Time and Cost

KOMET will be featuring the KomTronic® U-Axis system at IMTS 2014. The KomTronic U-Axis is a mechatronic device that allows a standard machine tool to produce complex contours.

Because your most complex workpieces can be processed in one machine with minimal tool changes and without workpiece rotation, you will experience reduced production times and increased cost savings.

The U-Axis provides a NC (numerically controlled) axis that dynamically adjusts the tool position during the machining process. This enables the machining of both internal and external contours that were previously unimaginable, including: reboring, reverse boring, chamfering, and even the machining of components with asymmetrical rotation.

The complex workpieces that result can be processed on a single machine tool, and the machining can be performed in standard machining centers with several standard KOMET tools and adaptors -- which means you can benefit from this advanced system with minimal conversion required.

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