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New Gap Bed Grinding Machines Perfect for 2 Aerospace Components in Particular

AZ spa will highlight its new series of gap bed grinding machines at IMTS. The machines are ideal for aerospace components including landing gear and turbine spindles.

These gap bed grinding machines feature a B-axis wheelhead for more flexibility and grinding with two or more wheels in the same clamping piece. The grinding wheels feature an identification microchip that allows the installation without errors.

An in-process measurement device prevents run-out. Conventional, CBN and diamond grinding wheels allow grinding of different materials and surface treatments including chromium and HVOF.

The counter-weighted workhead balances asymmetric workpieces and offers a maximum swiveling diameter up to six meters.

In addition, AZ applies innovative IT and web technology for remote control of CNC machine parameters, assistance, training and after sales service to provide real-time process monitoring.

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