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Super Turbo-X Laser-Cutting Machine Offers Automated Setup; Reduces Prep Time and Extends Unattended Operation

Mazak Optonics Corporation is introducing a new SUPER TURBO-X laser-cutting system featuring Mazak's new Preview 3 control. It is the ideal solution for plate applications, especially where material automation is a consideration.

The SUPER TURBO-X is built on the industry's most reliable laser platform with a rugged hybrid design and an easy access table. It features a proprietary vibration dampening frame and integrated laser resonator that ensure stable, high accuracy cutting. The constant beam length construction provides uniform cutting performance across the machine table.

Mazak's new Preview 3 control greatly improves the machine's operation efficiency by automatically determining the ideal processing conditions for each material type and thickness. It offers smooth, high-speed responsiveness and optimum acceleration and deceleration to reduce cutting times. It also features a user-friendly 15" touch screen with a high-quality display to view 3D cutting path graphics.

The SUPER TURBO-X's new Opti-Pod offers automated setup features that help minimize preparation time and improve extended unattended operation. These are intelligent functions designed to both automate and help maintain optimized machining conditions for increased productivity.

SUPER TURBO-X series machines are available in 2.5kW and 4.0kW CO2 configurations with table size options of 2412 (49.21" x 98.43"), 3015 (60.04" x 120.08") and 4020 (78.74" x 157.48").

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