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Tube Company Adds "Pull System" to Draw Mill Process and Cuts Lead Time From 30 Weeks to 6 Weeks

Superior Tube Company, a leader in the manufacture of small diameter precision tubing for safety critical applications, has significantly reduced its lead times -- from 30 weeks to just 6 weeks in some cases -- by implementing a "pull system" as part of a reconfiguration of its Draw Mill processes.

Focused primarily on two specific nickel-chromium alloys, 718 and 625, the improved production flow is setting new industry standards, enabling Superior Tube not only to achieve record lead times but also to offer correspondingly competitive prices.

"Meeting, and indeed exceeding, customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery and price is a paramount commitment for us. The transformation of productivity in our Draw Mill being brought about by this latest initiative is a clear example of just how strong that commitment is," said Ben Huber, Director of Operations for Superior Tube.

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