New Face Grooving Heads Offer Productive Alternative to Groove Milling

Machine shops seeking competitive gain in face grooving applications should look no further than the new CoroBore® 825 SL face grooving heads from tooling specialist, Sandvik Coromant. This rotating axial face grooving tool offers a productive alternative to milling grooves for those operating in, or serving sectors such as pumps and valves, and hydraulics.

The solution uses a standard SL32 blade and CoroCut 1-2 inserts, but features through-coolant capability for enhanced chip control. This, in combination with high levels of rigidity, allows increased cutting data.

Chip evacuation is a concern in any metalcutting operation but is critical when grooving because chips are more prone to being trapped inside a groove and being re-cut. As a result, through-tool coolant delivered right to the cutting edge can be enormously beneficial.

CoroBore® 825 SL face grooving heads offer radial fine adjustment for presetting purposes and are available for diameters from 47 to 1275 mm. For smaller diameters (1.85 -- 5.91 in./47-150 mm) C6 and C8 adaptors are available, while for larger diameters (>5.91 in./150 mm) a dedicated face grooving head with CoroBore XL can be deployed.

The first choice insert geometries are -CM for small nose radii (<0.0078 in./0.2 mm) or -TF for larger nose radii (>0.0078 in./0.2 mm) -- the recommended starting value for feed rate is 0.006 in/rev (0.15 mm/rev). However, if grooves with smaller width tolerances are required -GF geometry is the preferred choice. Here, a feed rate of around 0.004 in /rev (0.10 mm/rev) is the recommended starting value.

At last there is a high-productivity alternative to milling grooves -- axial face groove machining for applications such as producing O-ring grooves has never been easier using CoroBore® 825 SL face grooving technology.

For applications involving other shapes, such as V-grooves for example, Tailor Made insert solutions are available.

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