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New Servo Motor Driven, Continuous Scribe Marking System Provides High Speed and Low Noise

Telesis Technologies Inc. has announced the new TeleScribe. SS3700/470 marking system. This new servo motor driven continuous scribe marker was introduced last week at IMTS and is expected to be available for commercial sale starting Q4, 2012.

This servo motor driven scribe marker provides a significant increase in marking speeds over conventional stepper motor driven units while maintaining virtually silent operation. The TeleScribe. SS3700/470 is targeted largely at VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) applications many of which require marking speeds greater than 1 character/sec.

The TeleScribe. SS3700/470 is capable of marking 7mm high x 4mm pitch x 3mm wide characters at up to two characters per second in mild steel and is about twice as fast as the current stepper motor driven scriber systems. This system has a 50mm x 150mm marking window, and maintains the more compact form factor of the SC3500/470 system.

The scriber is interfaced to the included, stand alone TMC470 controller which features two serial ports, USB and Ethernet ports for connectivity.

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