Power Chucks Improve Concentricity and Minimize Deformation of Thin-Walled Parts

Toolmex, an emerging solution provider and consultant for application specific requirements, demonstrated face clamping technology for the auto industry at IMTS 2012.

Using a TMX Power Chuck to hold aluminum automobile wheels, visitors observed how face clamping -- an alternative to traditional axial clamping methods -- improves concentricity and minimizes deformation of thin walled parts during machining.

In conjunction with the TMX Power Chuck demonstration, Toolmex showcased their industry leading Palbit and TMX indexable carbide product for finishing aluminum. The company indicated that it is committed to bringing advanced products to the marketplace to provide a total solution for all metalworking needs from the spindle, to the machine table, to the chuck, to the tail stock.

Along with the actuated chuck, Toolmex also exhibited Sealed Pull-Down Chucks widely used in high volume manufacturing applications. Selected for their high speed, accurate part positioning and fully sealed bodies, these chucks provide years of trouble free operation with minimal maintenance.

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