Multi-Task Machine Produces Intricate Parts While Completing All Operations in a Single Set-Up -- Turning, Milling, Boring, Drilling, and Tapping

With one unique solution, SORAlUcE opens a new dimension in the integration of several processes in one machine: traditional milling machine operations plus turning capabilities for heavy duty components, providing the possibility of manufacturing complex components in one machine and in one single setup.

These Multi-Task machines can complete all operations in a single setup -- turning, milling, boring, drilling, tapping -- on very intricate parts for industries such as the aeronautical, energy and precision engineering components, being suitable for unitary and serial production. The remarkable versatility leads to effective real time saving and the associated cost savings for end users.

This compact solution is based in the successful SORAlUcE Fl model, integrating now a flexible working area that can be configured to the customers' needs with one or multiple working stations with fixed tables and rotary tables usable for both milling and turning operations.

The machine is provided with high dynamics: 45 m/min for the X axes and 35 m/min for the Y and Z axes, being the acceleration of 2 m/s2 in each individual axis. This, combined with the high power and torque of the main spindle and the improved thrust forces in all axes (up to 16 kN), results in a state-of-the art solution for high chip removal capacity and stable cutting conditions for both milling and turning.

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