Guill's Extrusion Tooling Designed to Increase Finished Product's Overall Strength

Guill Tool offers its patent pending extrusion tooling, Series 400.

It's adaptable to a wide variety of corrugated equipment and molds. The Series offers a host of benefits for OEMs, as well as for automotive and medical applications.

The unique tooling includes the multi-port spiral flow design that provides a balanced compound distribution with no weld lines to the corrugator. The elimination of weld lines significantly increases the finished product's overall strength.

Models offered include 420, 423, 432 and 434. Features of the 400 Series include Spiderless Inline, fixed center or adjustable, built in cartridge heaters, adjustable gum space, low inventory, expandable to multi-layer, heated core pin and one-piece body/flow diverter.

Since there are no spider lines, there's room for more air and no cold legs. Most products should be run fixed. Users can change only one component and become fully adjustable.

The cartridge heaters offer even heat for better flow and ensure there aren't any cold spots. More control of product size is achieved with adjustable gum space. Low inventory results in no burning or stagnation-quick color change.

Due to the fact that it's expandable to multi-layer, the crossheads run a variety of products. Lastly, benefits of the heated core pin and one-piece body/flow diverter are better temperature control and easy cleaning-quick changer, respectively.

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[Guill's Extrusion Tooling Designed to Increase Finished Product's Overall Strength]

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