California Aerospace Manufacturer Looking for Zero Defect Quality with New Automated Inspection System

Inspection, or lack thereof, has been a hot topic recently in the aerospace industry. But with more than 600 machine installations worldwide, General Inspection is a company trying to provide solutions to an industry that is dealing with a sinking reputation.

General Inspection LLC manufactures a complete line of gauging, sorting, and inspection systems incorporating: Laser, eddy current and vision technologies for dimensional measurement, determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects. Gauging, inspection and sorting systems assure quality in product size, shape and structure.

Located in Davisburg, Michigan, General Inspection provides high speed fastener inspection systems with standard easy to use software that provide zero defect quality.



In today's zero-defect environment, the quality of your inspection technology is a critical factor in your ability to compete.

In 1991, Gi started manufacturing 100% sorting machines designed for fastener and screw machine part manufacturers. In 2003, General Inspection performed a complete overhaul of their machines and introduced 6 new systems.

The equipment enables highly precise 2D and/or 3D measurements of high-volume parts and components before they are introduced into production. This will help with eliminating costly process jams and malfunctions.

The Gi-100DT is a high-speed, vision-based measuring machine.



The Gi-100 inspection system is a high-speed, vision-based measuring machine used for cup inspection. This system incorporates a series of front and back lit cameras to calculate a part's height, profile and inner/outer diameters.

General Inspection recently installed a Gi-100DT automated inspection system (AIS), this time in California, for a large manufacturer of precision aerospace fasteners.

This Gi-100DT is equipped with a total of 6 cameras providing complete dimensional inspection, internal and external visual defect detection, top and bottom surface inspection for a full range of turned aerospace collars.

Advanced Vision Systems can be added to detect defects like copper on the ID/OD, missing chamfer, or a missing lead feature.



Dimensional Inspection: The Gi-100DT comes standard with 3 cameras, one from the side, one from the bottom and one from the top. The side camera measures all profile features including threads, lengths, diameters, and angles. The top and bottom cameras measure OD, ID, roundness, and concentricity. Parts are measured to print specifications through Gi's user friendly software, each dimension is saved and recalled by part number.

Visual Defect Detection: In addition to the dimensional inspection, the Gi-100DT also detects surface defects on the top, bottom, and inner diameters. The surface defects include dents, scratches, chatter, pitting, and chips. This system is equipped with 3 additional cameras each with patented optics positioned above and below the parts to detect internal and external visual defects. Defects such as damaged ID threads, cracks, burrs, dents, and other damage are detected using Gi's sophisticated algorithms, advanced lighting techniques, and special, unobstructed part view handling technique.

Fast Part to Part Changeover: One of the many advantages of the Gi-100DT is the flexibility to handle a wide range of parts combined with the fastest part to part changeover. Each of the 6 cameras, the part confinement, and the dial table speed are servo controlled. An operator simply selects the appropriate part number and all adjustments are automatic removing human subjectivity.

Each high-speed fastener inspection machine has flexibility to measure and inspect various fasteners and their characteristics to print specifications. The systems ensure that the parts are of the highest quality.





After searching the world for an inspection system with complete dimensional and visual defect detection capabilities the manufacturer selected Gi. Defect detection, fast changeover, and inspection rates (minimum of 300 parts per minute) were the deciding factors.

Gi's fastener inspection systems, with easy-to-use standard software, are leading the way toward zero defect quality. Its equipment is used by companies around the world in production and quality control, for aerospace applications, as well as applications in automotive, industrial, railway, medical and furniture manufacturing.

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[California Aerospace Manufacturer Looking for Zero Defect Quality with New Automated Inspection System]

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