JTEKT’s New HMC with Pallet Pool Dramatically Expands Unattended Machine Productivity

JTEKT's FH5000S HMCs with 60-tool ATC capacity are designed for speed and production reliability, featuring a 15,000 RPM, 50 HP (37 kW), 303 Nm (223 ft-lbs.) high acceleration spindle. The larger machines in the FH5000 series are equipped with a 50-taper spindle, 60 tools, and a longer X axis travel.

This machine is equipped with a direct drive B-axis table featuring an index time (90°) of 0.7 seconds. The FH5000 machining centers with the spindle design allows machine shops to take advantage of more aggressive, machining in a compact footprint, according to the company.

Easily programmed, the FH5000 series features the TOYOPUC-Touch panel through which the operator can monitor the machine, see operating data including energy consumption, and edit as required.

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[JTEKT’s New HMC with Pallet Pool Dramatically Expands Unattended Machine Productivity]

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