ANCA's New Finishing Machine Achieves Nano-Smooth Surfaces and Micron-Honed Edges in Record Time

ANCA's new EPX-SF stream finishing machine is an advanced edge preparation and surface finishing solution that addresses productivity targets, delivers superior IP cutting tool performance and succeeds in precision-critical industries -- in a design that's ready to be integrated in automated tool manufacturing systems.

With 11-axis automation and smart recipe fine-tuning, the machine is engineered by tool experts to optimize media utilization while providing precise edge control. The machine has the capability to reduce edge roughness to under 100 nm and refine edge radii to mere microns with controllable K-factor, achieving nano-smooth surfaces and micron-honed edges in record time.

The EPX-SF's cyclic mode with pulse rotation serves as a potent defense against surface burrs and edge imperfections.

With adjustable positive and negative angles, the EPX-SF spindle traverses the optimal cutting path, optimizing potential chip flow and reducing the surface roughness of the cutting workpiece. Within ANCA's automation ecosystem, the EPX-SF seamlessly integrates into production lines, operating autonomously with robotic assistance round the clock for tool loading/unloading.

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[ANCA's New Finishing Machine Achieves Nano-Smooth Surfaces and Micron-Honed Edges in Record Time]

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