New 3D Printer Ideal for Copper Applications

EOS has launched the newest member of its EOS M 290 family, the EOS M 290 1kW. This new Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) metal additive manufacturing (AM) platform is introduced with serial production in mind.

The EOS M 290 1kW is ideal for a wide range of industries including space, energy, and mobility/transportation. These industries typically leverage copper and copper alloys, where the challenge of 3D printing copper applications, like heat exchangers and inductors, is overcome with the powerful laser and other technologies and materials working in tandem.

At launch, EOS Copper CuCp and EOS Copper CuCrZr materials are fully qualified on the system, and additional materials will be added to the machine compatibility portfolio later in 2024.

"Our award-winning EOS M 290 is one of the most widely used metal AM machines in the world, and now the family is growing. Interestingly, the EOS M 290 1kW was developed by EOS' AMCM group as part of its custom AM portfolio. The call to further commercialize this platform was exceptionally strong due to market demand, so now we are slip-streaming it into EOS' broader portfolio." Said Monica Smith, EOS Metal Product Line Manager.

One early adopter of the technology was GBZ Mannheim GmbH & Co.KG, a specialized manufacturer of inductors and other highly engineered components to the automotive industry.

"Additive manufacturing and the new one-kilowatt technology allow us to design and manufacture copper inductor applications that are more capable, durable and now produced in one piece with no soldering points," said Thomas Corell, managing director at GBZ Mannheim. "The core elements of inductor applications are now integrated in a single build, and the results are much higher optimization of the cooling channels, lower power consumption during the product lifecycle, and we are seeing great reproducibility on the production-side of things."

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[New 3D Printer Ideal for Copper Applications]

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